Ayala Group’s Spark* Innovation Conference

Ayala Group Innovation Day

The Ayala Group held its first ever Innovation Day in August 18, 2014. Entitled Spark*, it was intended as

“a platform to ignite curiosity and different thinking, to incite discourse and debate, to trigger new ways
of doing things, to activate ‘other muscles’ and capabilities, to inspire long-term vision, to enthuse new
ambitions, to kindle new collaborations, to create new possibilities.”

Jaime Augusto Zóbel de Ayala IIThe event brought together Ayala Group’s executives, innovation thought leaders and practitioners at the Mind Museum. Experts from Innosight explained the findings from the recent Disruptive Change Readiness Study. A distinguished panel of our Ayala CEOs discussed how they perceived disruption in
their industries, and how they plan to respond. Start-up founders of Kickstart discussed how they innovate very quickly. And our colleagues at BPI, Globe and Manila Water discussed how challenging – but also how necessary – it is to innovate, even if they are already very successful in their respective

The engagement from the participants was very encouraging – in the way that they sparred with leaders and experts in discussion, in how they offered constructive questions and seeds for opportunities, in how they put up their ideas via post-it notes on the “Ayala Future Wall”…

We look forward to more inter-company, innovation-focused activities in the months to come.