4th Generation Minicube Automotive Camera Platform by IMI


The car is becoming more and more electronic—a computer on wheels. One particular area experiencing a rapid rise is the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) market, specifically automotive cameras. Analysts estimate revenues from the ADAS market to grow from $39 billion in 2015 to $78 billion in 2020. Automotive camera revenues, meanwhile, are expected to increase by 36% until 2020 from $1.2 billion in 2014.

Beyond the usual parking assistance application, automotive cameras are increasingly being used for road safety, principally in collision mitigation; road, driver, and blind spot monitoring; pedestrian detection; and lane departure warning. Given new US and EU regulations, automotive cameras are expected to shift from an add-on car feature, to a must-have equipment. The recent movement towards autonomous vehicles also imply a rise in demand for the technology. Cognizant of these developments, IMI saw an opportunity and decided to participate in the automotive camera space through its own camera platform.

IMI’s camera development activities spanned seven years, with development for the first analog camera for rear view applications beginning in 2007. Development for the present 4th generation camera began in 2013, with the objectives to make the platform compact, easily customizable, robust, and cost effective.imi

Since its initial investment in the automotive camera space, the products have become a critical component of IMI’s portfolio.  Texas Instruments and Renesas have adopted the cameras as part of their ADAS development kits. Also as of 2015, the automotive market accounts for 43% of IMI’s total revenues, within this space, automotive cameras contributed $55.9 million and is poised for further growth as the need for driver assistance systems increases.

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