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To satisfy their drinking water needs, customers mostly purchase from refilling stations, a large number of which were found to be non-compliant with Department of Health standards on water safety and quality. Branded products that meet these standards, however, were at high price points (sometimes ten times more expensive), putting it out reach of most customers. With these insights, Manila Water Total Solutions established Healthy Family, seeking to bridge the gap between a superior quality product, and accessibility and affordability.

In ensuring that their 5-gallon packaged water products would not be contaminated, the production process was centralized at specialized facilities which were fully-automated and with microbiologists conducting daily analysis of samples to screen for impurities. On accessibility, Manila Water leveraged their extensive and established network to engage local communities and distribution partners. These elements constituted the “hub-and-spokes” model of Healthy Family, facilitating customer access to the product, while driving down distribution costs by making the last-mile delivery more efficient. Partnering with local distributors also allowed Manila Water to utilize grassroots marketing to advocate for health, as well as empower small-time entrepreneurs to be part of the Healthy Family growth story.

From an organizational standpoint, a dedicated team with a different governance process was established to facilitate Healthy Family’s transition from a good idea to an innovative business. Among the innovative elements that form part of Healthy Family’s successful business model are the pallet design containers used for the efficient transportation of the bottles from the plant to the distribution hubs, the curriculum format of the partner training module, the clustering of the distribution network, and various marketing strategies to accelerate sales, especially in new areas.


Since Healthy Family’s first year of operations in 2014, the enterprise now serves 82,000 households and distributors in all cities in Metro Manila. The business is on its way to further scale-up its commercialization by further expanding in the National Capital Region and its environs, as well as tapping into key customers such as gated communities, business establishments, and various commercial partners.

Through its excellent start and bright prospects ahead, Healthy Family proves that superior quality products, affordability and accessibility, and even stakeholder empowerment can be harmoniously blended together in an enterprise that generates great value not just for the company, but also to the community.


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