Ayala Innovation

Innovation is the calling card of the future. – Anna Eshoo

A company’s relevance can be measured by the level of innovation it brings to the market – and by this account, Ayala Corporation has proven that it is one of the most relevant companies in the Philippines. The company continually strives for, and encourages, innovation. They have shown this in the various industry sectors they have been involved in.

But with changes happening at a blistering pace in many different sectors of industry, Ayala realized that there should be a way to further encourage and instill a culture of innovation across all of its units and better address the growing and changing needs and behaviors of its consumers.

Ayala Innovation was born.

Ayala Innovation is a repository of ideas, events, and milestones that is envisioned to help Ayala employees in their quest to innovate and challenge established paradigms and present totally new ideas that will continue to propel Ayala as the leading innovator in the country.

Ayala Innovation was set up to do the following:

  • Monitor relevant trends and emerging technologies and cut through the noise and be able to
    • Discover new opportunities for creating value to enhance/supplement core businesses
    • Detect disruption within various industries so that the company can learn from it and adjust.
  • Spot gaps and discontinuities in sectors covered by, and adjacent to, our businesses
  • Identify unique opportunities made possible by the Group’s wide set of capabilities from its diverse portfolio of businesses
  •  Disrupt inefficient or stagnant sectors like healthcare and education, and inject innovative business models or inventive applications of technology to transform it so it becomes relevant, accessible, affordable, and more convenient.

Ayala is fully committed to the Ayala Innovation initiative. Aside from the corporate center, Innovation teams have also been deployed in a number of business units. These teams are closely monitored by Ayala Innovation itself, and will help other BUs build iTeams if there are none. An Innovation Council composed of senior executives from the Group companies will guide the Ayala Innovation team and help in accelerating inter-company synergy.